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The Trade Secrets For Marketing website which you are visiting now is operated by Amazing Ideas, Inc., which is a company owned and operated by entrepreneur Mikkel Pitzner.

The site was initially launched in connection with the launch of the book by Mikkel Pitzner called Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets For Marketing Your Business Online.

The book is a product of Mikkel Pitzner’s amazement of seeing just how many of the local vendors and businesses were losing out of business quite simply because they had no clue about how to get found in the new online world.

“Unless you get found for search terms that are relevant to your business these days, then you are losing out of business and potentially it may just be a matter of time before you lose the business all together”, says Mikkel Pitzner and continues:

“Everybody is going online these days to find the products and services they need and not least to find where to acquire them. So if your business is not popping up in the searches preferably among the very top of search results on page one of Google, well, then you might just not get any of that business period!”

Mikkel Pitzner was himself one day looking online for a local business which he knew existed. He knew their products and services and he knew their location, but was uncertain about their business’ name. He did an online search for the relevant search terms for products and services such that they offered and combined his search with the specific area he knew they were located. He was astounded by the fact that they did not show at all, but that instead all of their competitors appeared right there on the Google page. Clearly this business was losing out on a lot of business to their competitors.

“I eventually passed by their store and spoke to the manager and learned a couple of things about them. They did, the store owner claimed, actually put a lot of effort into their online presence and had hired a company to help them out. I also learned that they actually had a very nice website. I knew their products and services were top notch. The problem is, however, today, since everybody does their searches online, if you do not appear in the search results, it is more than likely that you just will not see the business. Regardless of really beautiful website and superior products and services offered by you“, concludes Mikkel Pitzner.

Inspired by this experienced and armed with the desire to help such businesses and business owners who find them selves in the same predicament, Mikkel Pitzner decided to gather a team of great marketeers and online experts to form a unite that would offer services to help business owners with their marketing.

“Times are challenging for many businesses and behind every business is an owner. If the business is struggling, more than likely the business owner is struggling too and there is a great risk also that whoever are employed by the company may have their jobs in jeopardy too. The thing is, that there are way of getting found and not least getting found by the right customers so that challenging economy or not your business won’t have to suffer. We are hopeful that we shall be helping a great deal of businesses establish themselves on the path of prosperity and help them secure their livelihood and build their business through the right marketing choices”, Mikkel Pitzner Noted.

You can learn more about entrepreneur Mikkel Pitzner by visiting Mikkel Pitzner’s Personal Website.


Mikkel Pitzner has gathered a unique team of top marketeers and online specialists

Mikkel Pitzner at a photo shoot with a number of some of today’s expert marketeers


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